A beautiful bouquet is the perfect way to start a wedding

The bouquet is the last thing you need at a wedding,

If it wasn’t for the bouquet,

You don’t know what the bride is going to do at the wedding,

Picking your hands, stealing food, picking your nose,

And even beat up the groom and his guests,

These little habits of everyday life can be revealed without even noticing,

In order for the bride to “turn over a new leaf”.

The flowers of the hand are born,

A wedding product that can make the bride look dignified, elegant and quiet.

Flower material collocation:

Berry + thorn + Ecuadorian rose+ hyacinth + platycodon +Mountain longan + Wind wheel flower + English Ivy beautiful and colorful bouquet,

Must have taken great pains in the combination of colors,

The same color doesn’t make the bouquet look thoughtful,

Combination of light and depth, light and dark contrast, is the way of collocation.

Post time: Jun-07-2022


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