Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival: Visit 70+ Gardens, Lectures, Workshops

More than 70 Cape Cod homes will open their garden gates to the public during the 8th annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, July 8-17, which will bring together two dozen nonprofits helping locals and animals benefit.
The annual flower extravaganza includes private garden tours from Falmouth to Provincetown, as well as a schedule of lectures, gardening demonstrations and workshops sponsored by local businesses and green-related organisations.In addition to family visits, the Sandwich Museum and Gardens invites visitors to visit their own hydrangea garden during the festival and will be hosting the University of Hydrangea on July 8.Information:
These dates also coincide with the Provincetown Art Society and Museum’s annual Secret Garden Tour, which takes place on July 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with secret instructions to participants on the day of the visit.Information:
Greta Georgieva, who oversees special projects for the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, said private garden tours provide a rare opportunity for visitors to “really step in and look around” these off-the-beaten-track garden spaces .Known for their amazing diversity and Cape Point beauty, colorful hydrangeas are the focal point of tours, although they share the stage with other flowering borders, berms and flower beds during the festival.
Georgieva said 50 of the places open for tours this year are new, while duplicate places are popular year after year, often with dramatic changes.”The garden evolves every season,” she said.
Tours are mostly informal and self-guided, Georgieva said, although some offer hands-on demonstrations or lectures related to specific areas of gardening.
Admission is $5 per venue, and each of the 70 venues is paired with a nonprofit organization that will receive 100% of the proceeds from admission.A full description of all tour locations by date is posted on the festival website linked to the conference hall:
This is the seventh year that Linda Coven has opened her West Yarmouth Gardens (121 Camp St.) for tours.With the enthusiastic participation of her neighbors, Cowan, the former president of the Cape Cowan Hydrangea Association, was able to expand her horticultural expertise to two adjoining properties featuring hydrangea-centric plantings with colorful, hardy perennials Share space with succulents.
Take a stroll through the gardens and enjoy the colourful, wide borders and unique container arrangements.Coven showcased a range of containers and will provide how-to demonstrations during the tour (July 10, 11, 13, 14 and 17) from 11am to 2pm.
Coven credits the expertise and ideas of master Mal Condon, the hydrangea curator at the Heritage Museum and Gardens, who came up with the idea of ​​a “pot in a pot” container, where one large “outer” pot remains year-round, while the smaller Yes, the “inner pot” is replaced every season.Display winter greens in cold weather, daffodils in spring, and hydrangeas in summer and fall.
Cowen became hooked on hydrangeas 20 years ago after taking his first summer on Cape Cod and attending a hydrangea camp in Nantucket.In 2015, she moved to Cape Town, where she started her own business, Strictly Hydrangeas, helping the striking flowers thrive in the 57 gardens she tended.
She has volunteered with Condon over the years, helping to care for thousands of flowers and many varieties of hydrangeas at Heritage.
Why do you love hydrangeas so much?One reason, she said, is that they offer “the longest reward of the season,” from blooming in July to the first frost, taking on a different look during the “antique” phase of fall as they acquire softer tones.
CL Fornari’s House of Sandwiches has toured since the festival began in 2015.She gardens on 2½ acres of woods, which she describes as “located downhill to Lawrence Pond.”The longtime gardener grows 25 to 30 different varieties of hydrangea, as well as dozens of perennials and annuals.
“Like most gardens,” she said, “my garden changes every year as I add new things and try new combinations.” Fornari’s garden at 2 Lawrence Pond Lane will open on July 10, 11 and 13th to receive tourists.
The podcast co-host of “The Garden Lady” by many on Cape Cod and longtime consultant to Hyannis Country Garden Nursery also hosts the weekly radio show “Garden Wire,” which draws dozens of listeners.The show often has a special emphasis on hydrangeas, and Fornari said she takes her role as the “Voice of Cape Cod Gardening” seriously, experimenting with different hydrangeas.
“I want to know what they’re going to do,” she said.If a plant blooms only occasionally, it will grow out and switch to another, more “bud-tolerant” variety.
Fornari, she said, created the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival to promote Cape Cod’s horticultural industry and showcase the many regional garden centers that provide a growing market for these showy plants.Importantly, she said, it was a fundraiser for more than 25 nonprofits who could benefit from the “out-of-town money” the festival attracts.
Why is there so much love for hydrangeas here?”They thrive in our marine climate,” Fornari said.Much of the rest of the country “has to jump through the hoops to get these plants to bloom”, and their “outrageous blue” attracts people from far-flung places.She has hosted tourists from as far away as Australia and Beijing, China.
The festival will host a free opening night at Cape Cod Beer, 1336 Phinney’s Lane, Hyannis, on Thursday, July 7, from 6:30pm to 8pm.Then in this gardener’s holiday dream, visitors can take part in a variety of activities at the Cape Town grounds.
In addition to the popular private garden tour, highlights of the festival include a stroll through the grounds of the Heritage Museum and Gardens to view over 170 showy blooms.Master Gardeners will be speaking at various locations at Highfield Hall & Gardens in Falmouth on July 8 from 4-5.30pm, including horticulturalist and author Lorraine Ballato.
Visitors can enjoy the Daily Pollinator Walk on Main Street in Hyannis (designed by Fornari), or at Hyannis Harbour (Ocean Street; 11am-8pm daily), Falmouth Arts Centre (Gifford Admire Hydrangea Art and Art at the Artists Shack at 137 De St.; July 16, 10am-2pm) and Artists at the Bloom Marketplace at the Red Jacket Resort in South Yarmouth (1 S. Shore Drive; July 14, 10am-6pm).
There is a workshop on Designing New England Native Botanical Gardens, hosted by the Barnstable Clean Water Alliance in Osterville (July 8 noon to 1pm and 1:30pm to 2:30pm), and Numerous how-to lectures have been given at venues from Falmouth to the Midlands.cape.For details on all related events, visit the festival website.

Post time: Aug-03-2022


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